Ragnarockers are the native inhabitants of Ragnarok, present since the world was setting millennia ago. They comprise the majority of the population on the planet, but are divided amongst warring tribes and clans across several continents. While there is some variation between tribes, warfare and migrations have retained numerous similarities, the foremost of which being their paganized warrior worship of the God-Emperor as a patron deity, akin to Norse and Saxon religions on ancient Terra.

Politics and Governance

Ragnarock societies are led by strength of arms and force of character. Most tribal chiefs are also their war leaders, and most tribesmen will not seek contact further beyond those from their own or neighboring tribes.

Tribes are content being “ruled” by the Sensounin, who are seen only as vaguely hated distant figures of myth, whose occasional bloody manifestation “test” the Ragnarockers’ readiness. Every few years, a tribe will seek to test the Sensounin in direct confrontation, but their lack of coordination has thus far earned them little success.

Ragnarocker legend also alludes to their recruitment by the Space Wolves space marine chapter. Details are scarce, as the Space Wolves are not a chapter to follow schedules and protocols, but common amongst the legends are that only the most worthy of warriors should ascend gloriously amongst the Angels of the God-Emperor, to carry the fight to the heavens. Recent recruitment initiatives of the Departmento Munitorum have tapped into this mythos to recruit Ragnarockers into the Imperial Guard.


It is unclear to scholars if early settlers of Ragnarok had access to Dark Age levels of technology, or how long they have sustained that level of development. What is clear today though, is that the modern Ragnarocker displays a healthy disregard for the technological conveniences that most Imperial worlds take for granted. Most Ragnarockers understand how to use las rifles and even heavy weapons, and do not bat an eye at landing craft streaking across the sky. Nonetheless, most would prefer the steel grip of a battle axe and sturdy weight of leather and chainmail.


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