Fate 40k: Ink and Blood

Latrines and Nightmares

With almost an entire lifetime devoted to the Machine, Parthos never imagined that his extended knowledge and dedication would take him on the path of… scrubbing filth in the latrine area.

In the middle of this noble activity, Parthos suddenly has a vision, a flashback taking him way into the darkness of his own past. Nevertheless he welcomed such nightmare to replace the one he was currently living in.

The vision takes him on the battle of a falling fortress where the outcome was about to be decided between the combined forces of the Imperial Guard and the Sisters of Battle, or the forces of Chaos. The walls of the fortress are crumbling, allowing the legions a clear path for their slaughter.

Parthos has his face in the dirt, bleeding and burning when he sees a chaos space marine, full in an armor decorated with spikes, and a fearsome voice giving commands. The moment the fallen space marine gazes upon Parthos, he knew he was dead. Starting to yell, Parthos raises the moral of the retreating guardsmen, grabbing the foot of a retreating guardsmen who soiled her pants. A nearby sergeant is inspired by Parthos and starts yelling for an attack with his last breath, a command to take down the chaos space marine is responded to by great gouts of fire. Sisters of battle join in the fray and flame engulfs everything.

The nightmares shifts to a forest with immense spires and unrecognizable spires… and a small girl with pointed ears and black hair… holding his hand.

After walking a while, shadows begin to draw close. Parthos puts the girl on his shoulders, and tries to run, but ends up stuck in quicksand. He instigates one of the shadows who comes nearer. The figure does, the shadow dissolving away to reveal… Naders! She grabs the girl and lets Parthos sink.
Parthos wakes up with his head in the toilet and there an alarm with the Gellar Field Generator fault that Parthos goes to fix it. The relay room was deep in the disused bowels of the ship, but the repair rituals were routine. He fixes the relay, but finds himself face to face with a monstrous hellboar.

He sits by while Naders and Hosvic dodge the boars flame breath. In the chaos, Tsunade commands trooper, Private Johnson to lure the boar into the chains while the tech-priest operates pulleys to trap the beast there. In the confusion, Helstag fires a single shot from his sniper rifle, somehow taking the boar in both eyes, before finishing the beast with a second round through the throat.

The whole event was apparently watched by the Ragnarockers, and celebrated afterwards, Parthos resumes his cleaning duty, before being summoned by Lieutenant Tsunade to discuss private matters.



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