Tech-Priest Parthos "Sisterbane"

Perverted Tech-Priest


Character name : Parthos “Sisterbane”
Interaction with Sister Birgita / Svetlana in the past.
Description : Blessed with protruding white eyes that sent chills down the spine of every woman he looked upon, the short bearded Electro-Priest Parthos “Sisterbane” has gathered his fair share of enemies that would gladly order an Exterminatus for the single purpose of wiping him out.
High Concept : Perverted Tech-Priest
Trouble: Worst Womanizer
Enrages the female counterpart of every race (especially Adepta Sororitas)
Instigate ( +4)
Machine Handling, Tech ( +3)
Investigate, Augmetics, Logis ( +2)
Stunt, Burglary, Perception, Stealth ( +1)
Bionic Lungs:
+2 Endurance against harmful gases or lack of oxygen

Bionic Eye: Infrared Vision:
allows the user to detect heat signatures by sight

Bionic Eye: Low-light Vision:
+1 Perception under low light conditions (but not complete darkness)


Background Story 1:
When the combined forces of Lieutenant Chikako Tsunade’s imperial guardsmen and the sisters of battle Order of the Sacred Rose marched a deadly assault upon the Alpha Legion’s fortress, the walls began to crumble, shaping a way for any daring combatant to be the first to enter.
Parthos had no intention of this honor until one of the sisters recognized the tech-priest. When distant memories of shame flew through her mind, the sister aimed and fired her flamer towards Parthos who had the misfortune of drinking from his alcohol container during that moment.
Chikako was amazed at the man ablaze, and felt inspiration as the he led the enraged battle sisters into the fortress, surely, he was an emissary sent by the Emperor himself.
When the onslaught came to an end, Lieutenant Chikako walked around the ruins, wondering who was the mysterious flaming man.
Earned aspect : Inspire with Fire
Background Story 2:
When Brezi Hosvic scanned through the peer reviewed documents listed by the tech-priests, something was out of place.
2000 pages with a detailed process of redemption, involving a pit of mud, and sisters of battle fighting against female eldars, everyone unarmed and naked during the struggle.
How did Parthos, the creator of this document survived the wrath of an Inquisitor remained a mystery unsolved.
Earned aspect : A Neck for Survival

Tech-Priest Parthos "Sisterbane"

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