Naders Icles

Paranoid Warp Sensitive Thief


Name: Naders Icles
Flaws: Severe Paranoia (night terrors, seeing things, jumpy, looks like had too much caffeine and stutter in speech as well as twitchy)
Benefits: Highly alert and long bursts of adrenaline
History: Was used for experimentation for her sister’s psyker powers eventually driven slightly mad. Sister fled after some years (become a witch) to avoid persecution, Naders knows where she hides but is too loyal to give the information.
Traits: Unquestionable loyalty (doesn’t abandon anyone), easy to follow orders but quick to take some orders literally (say “wait till you see the white of their eyes” she will actually wait till she can see that),
High aspect: Paranoid Warp Sensitive Thief (guard always up and capable of sensing psyker energy)
- Fellowship of the Slaying(protective of allies)
- Psychic Bonds (wants to free herself from sister’s influence)
- Shattering Bonds of Humanity (wants to do what she feels is right without the effects of bonds with those around her)
Trouble: Nat’s attention span
+4 Burglary
+3 Perception, Stealth
+2 Athletics, Empathy, Investigate
+1 Marksmanship, Endurance, Rapport, Lore (knowledge of basic psykers)
-Hacker (steal digital files straight from devices)
-Pocket Picker (gets a +2/1 while trying to pickpocket ammo or weapons)
-Sadistic Shadow (use burglary at a -1 to torture people for information)
-Combat Knife
-Specialist flak armor
-las carbine


Naders Icles

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