Brezi Hosvic

Battle-hardened combat medic (Sergeant)


Brezi Hosvic.
battle-hardened combat medic
main: Iron Body (heavy bionics make him very rugged, but also very lacking in subtlety)
1th -vengeful blood debt (blames hellstag for his survival, and will let him know that every chance he gets, but he will NEVER allow Helstag to die before him)
2nd -Tactical Preaching (has years of experience in warfare and happily share it, without being asked or indeed relevant)
3rd -steel over silk (has a great disrespect for anybody that hasn’t earned or proven their rank the battlefield, he as a result has no respect for administration, comfort, diplomacy or nobility)
trouble: Haunted by pain and scared by hate (always looking for something to numb the pain and suffers from MASSIVE self-control problems)

joined the Guard at young age and quickly showed to hide a decent brain under his cold exterior. he received medic training after his first campaign and was assigned as a medic in a command squad by his second campaign. he lost his left arm, shoulder, good amount of his chest and abdomen as well as the whole of his left leg in a suicidal charge against an Orc Warboss to buy time for the commander to rally and hold up the line against the advance. he was later dragged out of the battlefield and by the order of the commander received heavy biotic enhancements and after his recovery he was reassigned to the same commander’s retinue.

over the decade of service he’s grown even colder and more less calculated, risking his existence time and time again in vain attempts to keep others alive

+4 medicea
+3 assault, might
+2 endurance, marksmanship, Augmetics
+1 Logis, tech, notice, tactica

heavy duty limb: gain a powerfist
bionic-integrated powerfist
bionic arm (1 to might for moving objects or breaking through them)
bionic lunges (
2 to endurance against lack of oxygen or harmful gasses)

powerfist (stunt)
stubber carbine


Brezi Hosvic

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