Gheorge "Helstag" Avar

Master of the Hunt, Scout, and Man with a Silver Tongue (Corporal)


“Helstag” Gheorge Avar, Master of the Hunt, Corporal Scout.
High concept: Distinguished scout, with a witty tongue, more often than not getting him into trouble. At least it gets him out of it as well.
- Silver Tongue ( kind of makes you wanna gimme that muffin over there doesn’t it ? )
- “DO YOU KNOW, how far that is ? “ ( for reasons unknown to him, Gheorge has a problem with direct orders)
- Steady Aim ( one shot one kill )
- Uncommonly nice Viking voice ( whenever he opens his blasted mouth, i kind of get a little smirk on my face, you know what i mean ?)
- The Fool ( dont mistake my sunny demeanor for lack of wisdom)
-The Ghost of the Past ( for some reason, sleeping just doesn’t do it for you anymore)
-Hard to Inspire ( morale standards, i know, but gimme a break)

Gheorge was never one for large crowds, more at home with the beasts than the men. He roamed the forests and the vistas, gathering intelligence for the vikings and making a bit of money on the side for himself. Soon enough though, he got conscripted to the Imperial Guard (mostly against his will, but the recruiting sergeant was so cute ). Distinguishing himself rather quickly in the ranks as a scout, he was promoted to the rank of corporal after winning “The Great Hunt” during his training, gaining the, prestigious but utterly useless, title of Helstag master of the hunt.

Mini-adventure aspect :

- Trouble: The Ghosts of the Past.. – PTSD and haunted by Mr. Demonic Incursion
- One shot one kill
- How is that my Fault ? ( you seem to get blamed for almost everything that goes wrong )
- Reputation for trouble
- Marksmanship +4
- Athletics +3 Stealth +3
- Resources +2 Logis +2 Burglary +2
- Perception +1 Survival +1 Lore +1 Investigate +1
1. Master Marksman ( awarded sniper rifle)
2. Hide in plain sight (take stealth check before combat start)
3. Look into my eyes (use marksmanship to establish a fanatical reputation when interacting with other guardsmen)
- ChainSword +2
- Pistol +0


Gheorge "Helstag" Avar

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