Chikako Tsunade

Sensounin aristocrat-warrior


Jane: Chikako Tsunade
High concept: Aristrocratic Lieutenant with an icy heart

Aspect: “Class is everything” she’s over conceited due to her heritage, has the habit to look down on others
Troubles: “Watch your manners” quite adamant when it comes to impoliteness

Earned aspect: “Unexpected empathy” Chikako develops unexpected soft spots for certain characters, though it is unlikely to show it ( “my squad is my family”)

Background 2: During her leadership of the Psyker Hunt mission she’s going under martial/ weapon – wielding training with Brezi Hosvic, developing a rather conflicting relationship with him.

Earned aspect: “The Sword is my pen and I am an artist”

Background 3: Official Reception on the Ship

Earned aspect: “Pretty words which sway minds” she’s an outstanding public speaker despite her cold personality, makes others follow her lead (bonus: knack for politics)

Sensounin (samurai inspired culture) would be the leading class, akin to nobility, based on a feudal system and advanced technology. Famed for building complex fortresses, are recruited by the Imperial Fists.


Presence (+4): represents the raw charisma of your character and their capacity for inspiration. A high Presence allows your character to effectively command troops, to motivate large crowds, and to turn heads simply by the intensity of your presence.

Great (4) gives you a 3-point and a 4-point stress box.
Rapport (+3)
(As in Fate Core) The Rapport skill is all about making positive connections to people and eliciting positive emotion. It’s the skill of being liked and trusted.

Tactica (+3)
Companion skill to Presence when leading troop formations. Tactica represents a character’s tactical acumen, his knowledge and command of battlefield resources, and his ability to predict enemy movements and recognize key moments in a battle. Tactica can be used in place of initiative for combat. It can also be used to create advantage for allies and troop formations.

Athletics (+2)
(As in Fate Core) Athletics represents your character’s level of physical fitness. Athletics can be used to defend against most physical attacks, and is the go-to skill for movement actions. It cannot be used to make attacks.

Lore (+2)
The Lore skill covers a wide range of knowledge and education. A successful Lore roll gleams knowledge that could be available to the general public, though possibly details that escape notice by the common person. If you have an aspect that represents your experience in a particular field, you may indicate it to gain more specialized knowledge.

Contacts (+2)
(As in Fate Core) Contacts is the skill of knowing and making connections with people, and maintaining an effective network of contacts.

Endurance (+1)
Endurance represents your character’s ability to withstand physical hardship and general resilience. Endurance cannot be used to make attacks. Special: The Physique skill gives you additional physical stress or consequence slots. Average (1) or Fair (2) gives you a 3-point stress box.

Machine Handling (+1)

Resources (+1)

Might (+1)

Stunt: Hardcore Parkour. +2 to overcome actions with Athletics if you are in a chase across rooftops or a similarly precarious environment

Stunt: Power Sword: has a Power Sword

Stunt: Lady of the people (use Presence instead of Command in directing people during a crisis)

Equipment: Power Sword (stunt)
Camo cloak
Medi – pack

Stress: Physical [] [] [] Mental [] [] Social [] [] [] []
Refresh: 3 points


Before becoming Lieutenant she was charged with leading a group of “renegade/psyker hunters”, Naders’ twin sister being one of the targets. Following her trail Chikako meets Nader whom she mistakes for her sister and takes her into custody. They get caught in a freezing Halestorm where Chikako finds out that Nader is in fact not the one she’s looking for, but that she could lead her to the target. Having no reason, nor pretext to take Nader in, she lets her go and they meet again as members of the same Regiment.

Chikako Tsunade

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