Fate 40k: Ink and Blood

Warp Visions - Snowy Echoes

Naders opens her eyes and founds herself in the middle of a blizzard. As she looks up, she sees her twin sister Spades, dragging her towards an all too familiar concrete bunker. They are dressed in the heavy fur coats of Ragnarockers, a sword was at her sister’s waistline as she encourages Naders: “Just a bit closer, just a bit closer.”

They were running away from something, though Naders couldn’t remember from what. As they reach the bunker, her sister forces the door with her power katana and drags Naders in the center of the room.
“Wait here, I’ll take look around and see if there’s something we can use from here.” She takes her fur cloak and wraps it around Nader’s shoulders before disappearing into the darkness. All alone, Naders starts hearing whispers and thoughts, realizing it’s her sister’s voice. “Gotta get outta here…leave her behind…” but then she returns from another side and the voice becomes silence, a growing worry, a feeling that wells up in Naders’ stomach. Looking horrified at Naders, Spades draws the sword slightly and places is it front of Naders. “Take it, use it..” With teary eyes, she goes back into blizzard, abandoning Naders.

Lt. Chikako Tsunade finds herself in the snowstorm, but she’s no longer in the bowels of the ship. She’s wearing something else, a silk fatigue, Sensounian, and a thick fur cloak stolen from Ragnarockers, she has her sword, without shoes and she remembers going after the psyker Spades.
Entering the darkened bunker she turns the flashlight, looking around. Naders spots her flashlight and tries to hide behind a concrete bench, looking for where the weapon’s locker should be, holding her breath. Slowly around the corner, Lt. Chikako creeps in, dressed in the Ragnarokian cloak, looking like one of her peers. Naders spots the sword at her waistline and realizes she’s not one of her own. She tries to escape past her. She takes cover behind some pillars as Chikako takes a turn. There’s the rumble of an engine coming from inside the bunker and out of the darkness creeps Spades riding a landspeeder.

She stares at Naders, overwhelming her sister with the idea that she must survive no matter what and drives off. Chikako spots Naders standing there, near the exit. She unrolls a silk type of lasso and lashes out at Naders, but the bolt of cloth bounces off the wall and coils around Naders’ arm, not keeping her bound tight enough. She slips out of it and prepares to run, but Chikako tackles her and using the silk lasso ties her hands to her back. The blizzard outside is too big to walk through and the cold envelops both of them, then everything turns white.

Lt. Chikako finds herself back in a familiar room and spots the hellboar ready to charge Parthos.



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