Fate 40k: Ink and Blood

Lt. Tsunade: Pitya Travel Log (day 0)

Dedicated to master Shiro:

Sensei, should these words ever make their way to you, I hope they find you alive and well. You will be pleased to know that my path to perfection is still lit by your teachings. It has taken me on board the Phlegmatic Maiden and, as you will come to understand, the path is paved with unexpected challenges.

I took the chance to write down the following events in case I will no longer be able to reach you – death or imprisonment just being two of the possibilities. Let posterity judge my actions, I do not care. May the Emperor protect us all!

We have reached the planet Pitya two weeks prior before schedule – this was planned, according to official reports which have not yet been made public to the crew members. You have always taught me that the truth is best spoken in hushed words, as if made into a lie, for only then it will be taken as such. I fear that this is exactly what I am requested to do in the following weeks, perhaps months. The nature of my current mission is something akin to novelty for me and I strive to be up for the task. It will require lies and truth in equal amounts. I am sorry I cannot say more.

I understand that the planet we will visit this time is ruled by a certain Lord-King Miklus Melba, planetary governor. There are already voices from the Adeptus Ministorum (raised voices!) speaking against this governor, demanding bloodshed on its people. It may be my calling to help avoid an open conflict, which is why I did not refuse the mission appointed, despite its double-edged nature.

Besides my team, on which I do not want to make any comments yet, there are several public figures involved and minor authorities. You may remember Major Garou Satoshi from the festivities held in honor of our beloved Emperor, back on Ragnarock. I feel like I can trust this man with my life and in certain ways we follow the same objective, perhaps in different manners. I find myself reluctant to follow direct orders from the one we are tasked to protect as part of his Honor Guard, but as a soldier I will do my best to cast away personal opinions. I fear it is the same when it comes to the accompanying Seneschal and two members of the Ministorum we have on board (even now I am grateful for listening to your advice and not joining the Ecclesiarchy) which is why my path proves difficult. I do not know yet who to trust besides myself and where to seek council. Once you were there to offer it, but now I am alone.

A unique and interesting item came into my possession and I hesitate to make a decision regarding it. For now I keep it by my side all the time out of fear of losing it or being taken away. I can’t afford to let it go until I know what it is. Curiosity eating on my better judgment? Perhaps, yet I don’t believe in rumors and tales. Yet for what it’s worth, there must be a reason for why those higher than me desperately seek to retrieve it. Please do not judge me yet, it is you who taught me to think for myself before doing what’s right.



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