Fate 40k: Ink and Blood

Einherjar Postmortem Followup

Commissar's Log

Shipboard Subjective Date: Year Fraction 393

Re: P. M. security troopers.

Following up with Pvt. D. Johnson’s report of warp hallucinations (see prev). Debriefed personally. 12 hour sensory dep treatment, with veritas serum. Confessed to seeing familial relations from Krieg (231st, 412nd, 502nd; now separated). No taint suspected. Cleared for immediate active duty.

Debriefed Pvt. R. Handel. Indicated visions of shambling deceased comrades. Taint suspected. Summary exec s.d. ~392.

Pvt. P. Vics still comatose. Taint uncertain. Summary exec s.d. ~390.

Re: 21st Ragnarok

Debriefed Pvt. H. Stoen. Reported reliving avalanche. No taint suspected. Unfit for duty due to frostbite. Requesting amputation, bionics.

Debriefed Lt. C. Tsunade. Confessed to seeing deceased mentor. Communication in local dialect. No taint suspected. Observation continues. Delegated debrief of subordinates (see attached). Cleared for immediate active duty.

Debriefed Pvt. A. Agnor. Visions of shadowy primitives moving through trees. Visions persist despite self removal of eyes. Taint suspected. Summary exec s.d. ~392.

Re: Gellar Field

Cp. Nazaire (P. M. actual) indicates warp reef at ca. s.d. ~390. Ad. Mech. corroborates. Gellar Field relay damaged on deck 43. Attribute to non-indigenous fauna activity. See attached report from Tech-Priest Parthos. Fixed s.d. ~390. No further hallucinations reported, except aforementioned.

Emperor protects.



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