The Sensounin (local dialect: “戦争にん”, meaning lit. “people of battle”) are inhabitants of Ragnarok, and de facto rulers of the planet as recognized by its inhabitants and the administratum. While planetary history, as maintained by the Sensounin, depict the Sensounin as natives of the planet hailing from the days of its original colonization several millennia ago, debate rages amongst scholars as to the veracity of the claim, given their minority population compared to the Ragnarockers and distinct culture.

Sensou and Culture

The Sensounin inhabit the nation of Sensou, on a subcontinent of the same name. The capitol of Sensou is Nagaro, which also serves as the seat of planetary governance.

The Sensounin adhere to a strict socially imposed authoritarian class structure, with a code of conduct, honor and warfare roughly mirroring the aristocratic classes of feudal Japan on ancient Terra. Promising Sensounin warriors are sometimes recruited by the Imperial Fists space marine chapter.

Technology and Dominance

The Sensounin are the de facto rulers of Ragnarok despite their minority population partially due to their use and command of superior Imperial technology, amidst their more primitive and feudal counterparts. While internal politics is fierce, time and again, the Sensounin are able to present a united front against outside threats, asserting their dominance over the warring Ragnarocker tribes.

The Sensounin are well versed in more advanced forms of Imperial technology, even though there is only limited Adeptus Mechanicus presence on the planet. Swordmanship and swordsmithy are considered both revered traditions and honored art forms in the aristocratic warrior culture, and their finely crafted katanas are non-standard template weapons that sees widespread use within their officer corps. Many of these swords are powered, despite the lack of ability to fabricate power weapons on the planet. It is suspected the Sensounin may have sponsors within the Mechanicus or even within space marine chapters.


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