Meridian Fencibles

The Meridian Fencibles are the planetary defense forces of Pitya. They are peasant workers provided by Counts and Dukes through feudal obligation to the Lord-King. Fencible regiments are mustered for 4 months each year, and undergo annual training with basic combat training and military drills. The remainder of their time is spent on public works projects and eradication of troublesome sauropod populations of Meridia.


Due to the fief structure of Meridia, Fencible formations are almost always organized based on their liege lords. The average Fencible soldier is generally poorly trained and uncommitted to fighting. However, when properly led by the courage of a nobleman, they can be a force to be reckoned with.

When commanding troops, all Meridian nobles gain the following stunt:

Stunt: Look to Your Betters
While attached to a squad of Fencibles, a Meridian noble must substitute a permanent Aspect on the squad with one of their own, reflecting the influence of their leadership.

In addition, veteran leaders may take the following stunt:

Stunt: Heroic Example
Requires: Lead by Example
Instead of a permanent Aspect, the Meridian noble may replace a Consequence on an attached Fencible squad instead. This may only be done during the noble’s turn.

Colors and Banners

The standard Fencible uniform is a dark red fatigue with yellow stripes on sleeves, though dress is frequently nonstandard as the individual liege is responsible for provisioning. Officers are expected to stand out for ease of recognition and organization, and are often accompanied by personal squires hoisting personal banners. Their standard apparel features strip of patterned red and yellow squares.

Gear and Equipment

Fencibles are issued with the standard M35 M-Galaxy Short pattern lasgun by the Departmento Munitorum for the duration of their mustering. Flak armor is provisioned separately by their liege.

Fencible formations also incorporate the use of pikes to repel local megafauna. These are fashioned from adamantite, a proto-alloy manufactured from minerals from Pitya’s mines that is believed to be a precursor alloy to adamantium.


Fencible formations are sometimes assigned Ironback Chimera armored transports. The Ironback pattern is an open back transport that eschews the top side turret and armored roof in favor of additional cargo space and gun ports. When not in active service, the various liege lords use Ironbacks to transport ore and equipment.

Meridian Fencibles

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