Fate 40k: Ink and Blood

The Einherjar

After the Xanther diplomatic envoy went missing in action on the mining world Pitya, Lord-Chancellor Bizmuth III the Younger was sent in their wake, accompanied by his Honor Guard, the 21st Ragnarok Raiders. The Regiment consisted of two completely different cultures who came to peacefully coexistance as inhabitants of the same planet, Ragnarok. The majority of the population – which unsurprisingly also made the majority of the Regiment – consisted of Ragnarockers, raucous warriors of little finesse, yet born and bred for the heat of battle. Their bravery and fondness for loud displays of their skill was only matched by their appetite for frivolity and celebration. The ruling class was a whole nation in itself on planet Ragnarok. Descendants from an honorable clan of warriors, the Sensounin were different from the Ragnarockers in every aspect. They valued the arts as much as they did technological ability, and possessing the unique talent of combining the two to create something greater. Conflicts between the two nations were as natural and as frequent as the rain and the snow falling on their planet. Following the same hierarchical divide, the officers from Major Satoshi’s Regiment were Sensounin like himself, while the Ragnarockers filled the numerous ranks of grunts and soldiers.

Major Garou Satoshi, commander of the regiment, allowed both Sensounin and Ragnarockers to accompany the diplomatic mission of Lord-Chancellor Bizmuth III the Younger. But for the moment, aboard the Phlegmatic Maiden everyone was under watchful eye of Commissar Valerik, at least until their soon-to-follow landing on Pitya. It was in one of those fateful nights travelling through the warp, that the commander allowed his Ragnarockers to celebrate their Einherjar, a festivity to which both Sensounin and the ship’s crew were invited. The party would prove a disaster by Sensounin standards and a total blast by Ragnarokian ones.

Sharing a drink with Captain Katashi Yarou and watching the fighting ring from one of the darkened corners, Lt. Chikako Tsunade seemed displeased with the whole affair. She knew that officers like her were there mostly to keep an eye so that the celebration would not degenerate into a mess which could stain the Regiment’s honor. Chikako also knew Satoshi’s reason for allowing such a feast. The Ragnarockers needed their short sessions of fun and brawling to release their pent-up emotions. As for the Sensounin, they needed some common ground beyond the upcoming battles to share with their planetary neighbors. None could blame the commander for not trying to keep the two conflicting cultures under the same banner.

The conversation between Lt Tsunade and Cpt Yarou was a brief one. Both of them agreed that the Einherjar was just a pretext for the Ragnarockers to keep praising their borderline-heretical demi-deities, instead of offering proper tribute to the Emperor. Katashi Yarou, a thin tall man, with dark hair drawn tightly into a pigtail was of noble blood, as was Chikako. He did not hesitate to speak aloud his conviction that the ‘Rockers were mere animals that had to be kept in line. Overhearing their conversation, Corporal Gheorge Avar, also known as “Helstag”, thought it was only natural to pass on the information to one of his most respected fellow Ragnarockers. He did it quickly and in his own way, twisting Yarou’s words so as to sound like a personal offense directed towards Sergeant Brezi Hosvic. Towering over most of his comrades, Hosvic was enjoying a front row spot at the fighting ring. As expected, he didn’t take Yarou’s words well and determined to receive at least an apology, if not an explanation from the Captain, he approached the two officers. Within that short period of time, Lt. Tsunade had her own incident with the Tech-Priest Parthos, called “Sisterbane” for various reasons. Truthful to his nickname, the tech priest was drunk beyond recovery and already ‘scouting’ female members of the crew.

Stumbling at Chikako’s feet, he thought it wise to puke on her white ceremonial outfit, earning the tip of her sword shoved under his chin and the right to detention. He hadn’t been dragged out the room before Sergeant Hosvic approached their group, demanding an apology from Captain Yarou for his words. The minor conflict between them soon degenerated into a major brawl, surprisingly between Hosvic and Helstag, the latter deciding to encourage his mate with a very uninspired heretical phrase. As soon as he leaned to whisper “Blood for the blood good” in Hosvic’s ear, Gheorge whirled on him, ready to pounce. The arrival of Commissar Valerik at the commotion put a quick end to the brewing conflict, and demanding Hosvic and Yarou apologize to each other. It was at her suggestion that Brezi and Gheorge took it in the fighting ring, with Brezi’s undeniable victory. Making use of his powerfist (albeit un-powered), the combat medic proved once more that even Helstag had to watch his tongue around him.

The general commotion and the powerfist’s effect were entertaining enough to shift everyone’s attention to the fighting ring, including that of the guardsmen who were supposed to drag Parthos into detention. Being left like a ragdoll on the floor, the tech priest soon fell into a coma-like sleep, probably dreaming of his most desired Sisters of Battle. In truth, he had missed most of the fun.

Within all this time, Private Naders Icles was certainly present in the events. Not quite in the middle of them, more likely just close enough to be part of the scene, she remained mostly unseen and unheard. Lt Chikako failed to spot and recognize the woman she had once followed into the icy tundra, yet she knew for a fact that Naders was certainly part of the Regiment. True to her ways, Naders tried several times to snatch Captain Yarou’s blade without success, but she had managed to pilfer the power cells to the weapon prior to the would-be duel. Perhaps it has been for the best, since both he and Chikako never did view the ‘Rockers as an honorable people. It was with Cpt Yarou that Chikako talked about her past training with Sergeant Hosvic without diminishing his skills in any way and perhaps giving the Captain a different perspective on the ‘Rockers, if only just slightly improved.

Spotting the fallen Tech Priest, Chikako ordered that he be taken out of the room without much fuss. It was within a few minutes later that Parthos returned at the celebration using another entrance, just in time to catch the start of the main event. After a brief speech by Sergeant Venirus, large cages were brought in, housing vicious Saehrimnir, or Hellboars as they are known throughout the Imperium. The beasts thrashed and hit their massive bodies against the steel bars, shoving their tusks between them in a failed attempt to break free. The fun, it seemed, was just beginning.



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