Fate 40k: Ink and Blood

Operation Monocle

Mission Briefing


Operation MONOCLE


Emperor’s Landing, Meridia, Pitya


21st RAGNAROK RAIDERS, Special Task Force


21st RAGNAROK RAIDERS are currently stationed aboard supply transport PHLEGMATIC MAIDEN. Diplomatic complications have prevented the 21st from establishing a presence on Pitya. Force projection impossible at present, due to lack of atmosphere and landing capabilities. Diplomatic avenues are “being explored”.

According to data from the Administratum and Departmento Munitorum, expect planetary defense forces (the Meridian Fencibles) to be poorly trained, feudally organized, and with limited supplies. Basic infantry are equipped with lasgun and flak armor. Some may be motorized with “Ironback” Chimera support (vehicle capabilities unknown).

Orbital scans show a fortified emplacement (codename POUND) near the Dover settlement, believed to house a planetary macrocannon. Tech-Priest Linnaeus believes it likely for the weapon to have range on most orbits, if it is indeed functional.


Unknowns on Pitya’s surface present a probable threat against the safety of the Bizmuth diplomatic envoy. It is our duty to the God-Emperor to do our utmost to safeguard one of His Representatives, and to see their mission fulfilled.


Perform reconnaissance in the capital city of Emperor’s Landing. Assess the military capabilities of Lord-King Melba in the event of military intervention.

Planetfall by conventional or covert means are not possible. Alternate insertion by subterfuge has been made available by our contact RAVEN BLACK, via the luxury passenger vessel PRINCESS DARLING.

The forces of Pitya are to be treated as non-enemies until further notice. Due to the diplomatic nature of the envoy, all possible caution must be taken to avoid prematurely antagonizing Pitya nobility. Live fire action against loyal citizens of the Imperium are to be avoided if possible.



Assess the aerial artillery capabilities of Pitya. In particular, discern whether EMPLACEMENT POUND near Dover is operational and effective against capital vessels. Possible defenses against aerial light craft and transport should be noted as well.

Tech-Priest Linnaeus advises the fortification may be under the jurisdiction of the local Adeptus Mechanicus chapter, and strongly advises against hostile actions taken against them.


Orbital augury identified CONVOY BALE, comprised of slow moving transports and beasts of burden traveling north from Emperor’s Landing. Time lapse shows they departed shortly after our arrival, and Command has deemed its activity suspicious. Investigate the convoy for suspicious content. Report or continue surveillance as needed.


Augur arrays also identified WAREHOUSE DREY, which appears to be a heavily fortified and well guarded location in the slums outside of Emperor’s Landing. Command believes that the warehouse may contain potential threats to the safety of the Bizmuth Envoy. Investigate this possibility. If the threat is confirmed, eliminate or continue surveillance at your discretion.


Of secondary priority during this operation, ascertain the strength, disposition and loyalty of Melba’s forces. Any intelligence on the local political climate may be valuable as well, as the loyalties of regional leaders to their lieges and to the God-Emperor may be in conflict. The task force is given reign to leave mission zone in pursuit of these goals, at the discretion of the commanding officer.


Command is currently securing means of resupply and reinforcement. Communications with the task force will be limited. The team will be provided with a Lexigraph device, which can receive and decode text from Command, but can only transmit by tapping into regional vox stations.


There are no means of extraction available at the moment. Pending updates when options become available. Should conflict erupt, the task force is to go to ground, engage in asymmetric warfare, and attempt to reestablish contact via Lexigraph or other means.




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