Fate 40k: Ink and Blood

Battle does good for the soul

Aboard the battle barge Unyielding Resolve traveling at high speeds through the Warp, Kergar Miyamoto, the soon to be newly appointed Governor General of the planet Ragnarok was preparing for his “coronation” ceremony.Security was tight, as this was the first time when the planet would have a Governor General that hailed from both bloodlines of the world.The battle barge’s grand hall was alight with millennia of military traditions and rigorous drills solely for this day. Imperial and local banners were held high, the braziers burned with a haunting glow and smell of incense, and the sides of the room all the way to the center were filled with Imperial Guardsmen hailing from the feudal world. Ranking officers down through to lieutenants were up front each holding a beautifully designed banner, followed behind by company veterans, and so on — A lavish and opulent gathering to say the least, some would even go so far as to name it decadent in its grandeur.

Among the officers attending — in perfect-fitting and finely arranged uniforms, it might be added — was Lieutenant Chikako Tsunade, an officer with impeccable etiquette, battle conduct, and near flawless field performance.

In the further back rows stood an imposing figure clear for all to see as he was nearly Astartes sized due to his cyber implants, a veteran of many battles and survivor of all, Sergeant Brezi Hosvic, dressed in a leather jacket over a flak vest.Some would argue that this was due to the fact that none of the uniforms fit him, but those who knew him better understood his complete disregard for social events and others’ opinions.

Further down the seemingly endless rows of faces stood a sudden gap in height, Looking down you would see a woman, small of frame and very petite in her bearing. Known as Naders Icles, she was either loved by those who knew her, or completely despised.She was quickly pushed at the back as to not break the rank and file of horned helmets.

As silent as a shadow, with eyes glowing from the dark, atop a balcony, stood Corporal Gheorge Avar, one of the most distinguished scouts and marksmen of the regiment, concealed but ready to jump at the first sign of trouble.

The ceremony was underway, the guard was in place and extra security against psykers were brought in, ironically in the form of several psykers who were to detect the first signs of warp sorcery.These defences seemed pointless to most, who would dare attack such a large gathering of Imperial Guard backed up by psykers?
Suddenly the alarm sirens go off “Breach in the Gellar Field generatorium” the voice announced. It only took a second for the psykers to go mad, several of them died on the spot, bursting into flames, a few exploded in bursts of warp energy, but one of them survived just long enough to become a gateway for a daemon, an unholy denizen of the Warp. It clawed it’s way through the frail humans, who were armed with ceremonial weapons and armor, making it through the doors and vanishing into the immensity of the ship, leaving a trail not very hard to follow.

In quick response Sgt. Brezi took up an Imperial banner with a sharp spear like end and chased after the beast, followed closely by Gheorge on the high ground. Naders was visibly shaken by the sight of the monstrosity, her mind close to snapping, she huddled in a dark corner of the grand hall shaking and whispering “Not again, not again”.Coming to her senses Lt. Chikako gave chase to the beast as well. The three Guardsmen caught up to the beast just as it was feasting on the head of the ship’s captain. Brezi charged the beast with his post-human body, his strength barely keeping up with the beasts and pierced it through the chest with the Imperial holy banner, to little effect .Gheorge laid down a quick succession of sniper rounds emptying 4 magazines into the creatures’ skull also to little effect. Lt. Chikako was barking orders left and right whilst charging the beast with her power sword, dealing some damage to it, but not enough without the backing strength of an Astartes arm wielding that sword. When all hope seemed lost the room filled with light, a warm holy light, not so much blinding as it was protective. Priest Adventus came forth to battle with the daemon. The three blacked out from exhaustion and psychic fatigue. When they came to, they saw Sergeant Marcel with a grim face “You three are in a world of trouble, did you know that ?”



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