Fate 40k: Ink and Blood

A Blood Debt

diary fragment found on a wiped dataslide:

“damn them, all of them. the medics, the enginseers, the commander and the greenskins.
and most of all that young one, that punk, this ‘helstag’. he should have left me there, should have let me bleed out and maybe take another one down with me.

but no.

bastard had to notice my bleeding, broken body. and he had to investigate. tried to tell him to leave, but it’s hard to talk with a tongue missing and your body in such a state. idiot dragged me back or what was left of me with half a orc tribe after our ass.

so here i am, half my body ripped of by a warboss’ axe, what’s left of it plugged into half a dozen machines i’ve never seen before and the is idiot sleeping in the next bed over, trying to recover from the shock and the blood transfusion. because he was a perfect bloodmatch, of course.

regardless, i’m stabilized and waiting to being augmented, gonna be a big job. you can tell by the number of them arguing. i have seen the limbs they are going to use. they look sturdy, strong and a bit oversized. those are going to be useful. i’m going to hardwire a powerfield generator into the arm, the biggest one i can fit into it.

but for now i have to wait for these damn fools to rebuild me, for me to regain my strength and for me to learn my new body.

and after that, a great many …

[file corrupted]

… and this ‘helstag’? he’s going to regret ‘saving’ me. and i’ll make sure his stupid ass lives long enough to do just that.”



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